Animated gifs From Photos

I spent a fair amount of time creating this animated gif in Photoshop from a sequence of 17 photos taken during a Pasadena Roving Archers Saturday advanced class. The camera was on a monopod rather than a tripod and so there was slight movement from frame to frame which I corrected. To do this the 17 images were imported into Photoshop as layers, with the final image being the base layer and each layer was then aligned wrt the base layer by differencing the layer wrt to the base layer and then free transform moving the layer until the background tree trunk differenced to zero. With all the layers aligned the image was then cropped to remove the edge effects and a timeline created into which they were imported to create a giant animated image. The final Photoshop file was ~2GB for an image that is 5794 x 3866 pixels. A final smaller gif was then created a 1024 x 683 size with a web color pallet (256 colors) that was just 10 MB that I proceeded to upload to the archers Facebook page. At which point I discovered Facebook does not support animated gifs. After all that work I wanted to share the result and so I have resurrected this blog after a long absence!