Moon, Venus and Jupiter

This was first published on December 2nd, 2008, republished January 12th 2019 after website move.

Moon, Venus and Jupiter setting

Tonight’s photo was taken a little later than last night’s photo so the sky background is darker and not so interesting. We can see how the moon and the Venus/Jupiter pair have swapped position. If you live in Europe then you had the opportunity to see the Moon eclipse Venus earlier today – unfortunately not visible from N. America. If you haven’t caught this grouping yet you will get another chance tomorrow night although the distance between the moon and Venus/Jupiter will be increasing. The next planetary occultation will be on Dec. 29th when the 3-day old moon will occult Jupiter however you will need to be in Central/Western Australia or Tasmania to see this. The next lunar occultation of a planet visible from N. America will be on Apr 22nd when the moon will again occult Venus.